where to baguio mount costa

If you’re looking to get away from the city for some peace and tranquility (and a bit of exercise), Mount Costa is the newest place to check out. Nestled among the natural hillsides along Pico-Lamtang Road, Mount Costa calls itself “The Green Living Room.” This three-hectar (and growing!) plot of land offers a myriad of flora and relaxation spots which are perfect for families, couples, and even lone wolves.

where to baguio mount costa

We had a fun time roaming around the gardens, and discovering something new and different each time. Here are 10 things to discover when you visit the place:

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1. Mount Costa’s Unique Gardens

Mount Costa is home to 24 different gardens, each unique and themed. Viewed from above, many of the gardens have their flowers arranged in different patterns, and some gardens also feature different art installations. Along the way, you may also meet their studious gardeners who are happy to answer your flora-related questions.


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2. Two Paths to Choose

Upon entering, you get to pick which path you may want to stroll first – a yellow path and a blue path. The yellow path leads you to mostly floral gardens, which feeds color to the eyes; while the blue path leads to more conceptual gardens for a more recreational vibe.


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3. Spots for Dating or Alone Time

As we strolled along the paths, the place never lacked park benches strategically placed among the gardens for quiet time, family time, and even dating time (ooh lala). Once you’ve strolled the entire place, you can pick your favorite spot to chill.


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4. The Picnic Areas and Ampitheater

While Mount Costa doesn’t allow food from outside, it will be partnering with Cafe de Angelo, Green Pepper and Kanto to provide yummy catering to the park-goers. The wide picnic area, which also doubles as an ampitheater, is also perfect for big events and wedding ceremonies.


where to baguio mount costa

One of the food options available at the time was the apple crumble ala mode, which was perfect after all that trekking.


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5. This Giant Submerged Face

One of the coolest sculptures in Mount Costa has to be this giant submerged face. Though it’s hard to miss, we challenge you to find it and say hello as part of your itinerary!


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6. The Mirror Garden

Another amazing installation is the Mirror Garden, with mirrors arranged in spiral formation. Legend has it that there is one spot in the garden where your reflection can be seen on all the mirrors.

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7. The Zen Garden

This Japanese rock garden is perfectly situated for yoga and meditation. The breeze hits the spot perfectly, blowing on the wind chimes nearby for a soothing sound as you relax.


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8. The Playground!

Of course there’s something for the kids if they’re feeling more playful and energetic than adventurous. Your kids can play while you relax and explore the garden.


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9. Over 100 Different Flower Species

You read that right! There are over 100 different kinds of flowers scattered among the gardens of Mount Costa. Here’s another challenge from you: Try counting all the different flower species you find!


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10. Outdoor Art Installations

Along the blue path are different art installations, such as the spectral garden which gives the illusion of a rainbow dancing through the trees and the animal sculptures which are made entirely of twigs.


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There are many more things to discover in Mount Costa, and when you do visit, do remember to be responsible chillaxers and keep the park clean and green.

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Visit their website or Facebook Page for more information on entrance fees and deals for groups.


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