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Where To, Baguio? is a team of proud Baguio-based millennials.

We love our city, strawberries, pine trees, festivities, horses, and all, but we also believe Baguio is more than that. Baguio is a home of creatives. A home of entrepreneurs. A home of proud locals who live for the love of life. There is always something new and exciting happening in Baguio City, and sometimes these worthwhile things go undetected. So it is our goal to discover and uncover these activities and places that fellow locals and tourists should know about. It is by our exploration of Baguio’s non-mainstream that we hope to make our small city BIG,and make Baguio known as a hub for culture, art, food, and recreation.

We started in February 2016, and in the short span of time that we have been hopping around the city, we have connected with so many like-minded individuals. Truly, the heart of Baguio is made up by the people who make everything so much more meaningful by simply doing what they love to do. Our site is dedicated to shedding light on these locals and their endeavors. We aim to become the go-to site for all must-visit and worthwhile local establishments and events in Baguio. Above all, WTB is a passion project, and it exists because of the people around who continually inspire us, and even more so, the people who have the same lust for discovery – you, the readers.

Where to Baguio? is an endeavor that is ever-growing, with the connections we make and the collaborations that we accomplish. We are always on a journey of discovery, and we strive to keep improving and bring better content to our beloved readers. We hope to keep making connections and work on collaborations with locals, and see where to takes us.

Making a small city BIG, by exploring Baguio's culture, art, food, and fashion scenes.


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