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Not long after its first installment, ALGORITMO returned last July 15 with even more audio and visual treats.

ALGORITMO is a collective effort of several artists, making it a huge, ephemeral art installation featuring digital art and videos combined with live and electronic music. The installation has found its home in the Garden Theater, which further supplements the event with a fantastically creepy vibe.

where to baguio algoritmo volume 2 2

The participating artists for this edition were Kabunyan Palaganas, Duds Maranan, Goose, Mike Inel, Jason Del Mundo, Rhis Bayucca, Atmorae, Tobby Ong, Chaotic Terrain, and Jason Sta. Maria.

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Students from UPB Obra, as well as other local filmmakers, presented their original and self-produced short films. The walls were digitally “painted” with sci fci concept art and moving faces. Live music was accompanied by live drawing, with creations reminiscent of the Rorschach ink blot test, leaving it up to the audience to give their own interpretations of the images being composed.

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More than an exhibition of different art forms, ALGORITMO is a driving force that hopes to inspire more of Baguio’s creative individuals to spawn their own artistic brainchildren to show to the world.

Check out a glimpse of ALGORITMO vol. 2 in the video below:



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