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On one of the street corners surrounding Center Mall called Dagohoy Street, sits a somewhat derelict building called the Garden Theater. While its ground floor is inhabited by small eateries and karaoke bars, the upper levels are a whole different story (no pun intended).

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With cracked staircases, scattered cement rubble, and exposed steel frames, many might call the Garden Theater a sketchy place. But we call it an indie movie-like experience, and we love every inch of the place. Previously abandoned, the Garden Theater is being given new life with different Baguio artists, writers, and musicians organizing special events.

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One of these events is ALGORITMO, a culmination of visuals, music, and movement. With each performing artist bringing to the table their own unique brand of artistry.

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The music was mostly electronic and ambient, but the event was not like your average club scene. The audience simply chilled with a bottle of beer or rum coke, gathered around as various imagery was projected on a white wall. Dancers joined in the stage and flowed along with the rhythm. It was a mesmerizing, trippy kind of experience.

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The Garden Theater also just held its first ever Spoken Word poetry night. With a section of the theater decorated with bohemian chic rugs, fairy lights, and candles, poets took turns bearing their hearts out with original poems or poems written by others.

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The poems varied in themes such as love, heartbreak, social issues, or personal experiences. And of course, since music is a sister to poetry, some even performed songs on a ukelele.

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The Spoken Word open mic night is one of the events leading up to a Literary Festival to be held at the Garden Theater this coming October.

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ALGORITMO 2 is also coming up very soon on July 15.

where to baguio spoken word garden theater 2

With events such as these that celebrate art, music, and literature, the Garden Theater is turning into a new home for lovers of life. And we can’t wait for it to turn into a much grander spectacle.

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While fundraising efforts are being made during these events, the Garden Theater is also open to donations that will help in renovating the place. Please contact them if you would like to step forward and give a helping hand

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