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When we found out that Aileen Kim, one of the exhibitors at “Bathaluman” in VOCAS, would be conducting a watercolor workshop at the Baguio Craft Fair, we jumped at the opportunity to learn more about her. Quirky and “not like other artists because she doesn’t smoke and wear black” (yes, that came from her), Aileen was fun to converse with.

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Aileen Kim grew up as an artsy kid, however she only started taking art seriously as a career two years ago. Hailing from Quezon Province, she came up to study Communication in UP Baguio and decided to stay. “I fell in love with Baguio,” she said.

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In our interview with her, we learned that Aileen had drawn inspiration for taking art seriously from an unfortunate event in her life. With that, we could say that she is living proof that one can make something beautiful out of something terrible. She is an inspiration to us.

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Watercolor is Aileen’s tool of the trade, mainly for environmental and health issues. She says she doesn’t like the chemicals found in most paint mediums and chooses those that are safe for human skin, especially for children.

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Aileen got her big break when Mount Cloud Bookshop invited her to sell her watercolor paintings as postcards in the store. Since then, people have been asking about her.

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“I don’t want to sell [my works]” Aileen said when we asked her if she gets too sentimental with her art. But she followed up that artists should learn to let go of their work to make room for new ones.

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The Baguio art scene is described by Aileen as like being “in a fog” as there are many undiscovered artists, talented in unique mediums. She encourages artists to find a group for support and learning. “Artists should not work alone,” she says.

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We are also excited to find out that Aileen invites watercolor enthusiasts to join a group she created called the Baguio Watercolor Society, which had just started this year. She says they have some activities planned, such as an open air painting meet-ups. This is something we look forward to joining.

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You can see more of Aileen’s work on www.aizkim.blogspot.com


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