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Pamela Lefeber was another artist that we had the pleasure of meeting in the Baguio Craft Fair. With a warm smile, she welcomes those who are enamored by her precious creations on display for sale.

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Pamela crafts jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, you name it! – from copper wire and different stones.

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A self-taught artist, Pamela started learning how to make these accessories in 2010, when her sister-in-law introduced the craft to her. Since then, she had been researching techniques to further her mastery of copper wire jewelry-making, incorporating her own techniques to come up with a personal style. “It’s a continuous learning process,” she said, “but there are also what we call happy accidents.”

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According to Pamela, among her works, necklaces are the most challenging but also most fulfilling to make, as there is no room for mistakes. It takes her up to ten hours to make them.

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Pamela advises aspiring creators who want to turn their passion into a business to just do what you love. “Spend time researching. Do your homework. Discover. Frustration will always be part of the process,” she says.

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Check out Pamela’s accessories at www.maiafinecreations.com

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