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Bahay Hignaw Cafe/Bed and Breakfast Inn is a hidden treasure in Baguio that you need to know about. Tucked in the subdivision of Gibraltar Extension, this cafe and bed and breakfast gets its charm from its homely feel and seclusion from the noise and busyness of the town, making its name, meaning “serenity”, a lot more meaningful.

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Travelers and tourists have been the main visitors to this house-turned-inn, but there are many reasons that Baguio locals can also feel at home in this spot as well.

The main reason is the food! Bahay Hignaw’s menu is an ode to Baguio, featuring house delicacies which are fusions of foreign and Cordilleran or Filipino cuisine.

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Up first, the Dinuguang Pinaputok (PHP 350) adds a twist to the classic Filipino dish. It’s like a deconstructed dinuguan. The tripe is fried toba crisp and topped with the gravy made of pork blood.

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We can’t put our fingers on it, but there’s something special about their Pancit (PHP 225). It’s flavorful, full of toppings and a classic favorite for sharing. If you can’t have enough of this, you can even order a bilao to make a celebration even more special!

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It seems that ribs are a staple for almost any restaurant, so if you need an additional plate of a slab of meat, go for the Pork Ribs (PHP 295) with some greens on the side!

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The Hignaw Pasta (PHP 165) is made special with a certain ingredient… etag! Etag is a Cordilleran delicacy consisting of smoked pork. Along with the tomato-based sauce, this pasta is salty and spicy. The smokeyness of the etag also comes through, so it’s like a warm dish in the cold weather.

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They say that eating long food adds to your lifespan, so why not try a loooong sandwhich? Their subway sandwiches, such as the Beef Sub (PHP 320) is two feet long and filled with meat from end to end. Remember, sharing is caring!

Diners can choose to stay inside the cozy restaurant or outside on the veranda with a view of the trees and the clouds. We’d like to imagine this spot perfect for afternoon get-togethers for coffee and dessert!

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Perhaps the most memorable dish from Bahay Hignaw is their Ube de Leche (PHP 95 for a slice). It’s made from real Baguio ube, topped with leche flan. It is also drizzled with pine syrup. You heard that right! Syrup from pine trees! Plus, the gumamela on the side isn’t just for decoration. You could eat that, too! Those who love sweets are in for a treat!

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Among their variety of drinks is the Kiwi Yogurt (PHP 105). Topped with a cherry, this pastel green drink is yogurt-based, making it milky and fruity with hints of the yogurt’s sourness.

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For a cold green tea drink, you can never go wrong with their Matcha Frappe (PHP 155), which is topped with cream, green tea sprinkles, and a chuck of green tea Kitkat.

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The Cookie Crumble (PHP 115) is chocolatey and topped with everything you want in a milk shake – whipped cream, syrup, a Stick-O, an Oreo, and chocolate chips.

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Have a hot cup of their Matcha Green Tea (PHP 95) to match the green surroundings, and that leaf accent is very appropriate.

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Of course, they also have a refillable cup of Brewed Coffee for only P50. Yes please!

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For travelers, Bahay Hignaw’s accommodations are cozy and free of the city noises. The rooms are color themed and good for a variety of numbers of guests, like couples and groups. There are common areas for cooking and dining. Some bathrooms are shared, but few rooms have their own restrooms. Checking in to the inn also gives you a free breakfast!

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They also have an assortment of local souvenirs and products for sale to save you the hassle. What’s great is that these items are market-priced!

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Though concealed from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bahay Hignaw’s location if very convenient for sight-seeing. It is near popular tourist destinations like Mines View, Wright Park, The Mansion, and other surrounding areas. It is also near the Mines View terminal which leads directly to town.

So if you feel like getting away from it all, visit Bahay Hignaw Cafe and Inn, whether you’re a local or a visitor. It is located up the road to the left of Good Shepherd, at Gibraltar Extension.


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