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Celebrating its 4th year in Baguio, BLTX (or Better Living Through Xeroxograpy) has made the quiet, little street at Pasakalye, Bookends, filled with laughter and music, bringing warm and cozy feelings against the cold December weather.

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Compared to last year’s event in which we were only spectators,  we were given the opportunity to able to partake in this event and get together with a lot of amazing artists, writers and musicians, who, same us as, brought along their knick knacks and literary pieces that they wanted to share to the world.

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Each shop or stall displayed different masterpieces such as books, crafts, photographs, artworks and zines, and as the spirit of Christmas was there, it was the perfect time to buy to give as gifts or add to one’s own collection.

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Creativity comes in all sorts of forms – one of which is music. To make the event even more fun than it already was, musicians started playing their instruments to make everyone move to the beat. What better way to fight the coldness than to dance, right? Plus, a round of rice wine was passed around among the vendors and visitors.

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Writers even read and shared some of their works through spoken word, embodying the raw, personal emotions and experiences contained in the zines.

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Being on the other side of the table, we experienced first hand how BLTX is the perfect way to share literary pieces without the trouble of going through publishing. This is an independent publishing expo, after all. It was also refreshing to see faces who are so supportive of the individuals who have put their heart and soul into the event.

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Once again, it’s always an amazing experience to see how creative Baguio people are. We’ve heard that this year was the best BLTX so far, and this is only the beginning! We hope that maybe next time, more people could join the fun as well.

Participants: Pasa-Kalye Street Art, Pasa-kalye Teens, Inabel Accessories, Trial & Error: Art & Science Collective, Smorgasbord, Pedantic Pedestrians, Ibong Adorno, Pinsel, Kelly Ramos, Kervin Calabias, Kora Dandan Albano, St. Mary’s School of Sagada, Inc. (Senior High School Students of LA Piluden), Cult Aura @sadvipas sensi sevilla, The HandmaidPH, Claira’s Tarot Readings, PHSA, Jubert Cabrezos, Where To, Baguio?, and Better Living Through Xeroxography Davao, Manila, CDO, Naga, and Iloilo

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