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Pictures have always been an intimate way of taking glimpses into people’s lives. But with the rise of the digital age, we could say that somehow, that intimacy has been lost through the act of quick swiping and endless scrolling on social media, where we don’t always take the time to really look into the photographs. The Cordilleras Film Collective has wanted that to change, by bringing together people who are passionate about the thousand words behind the pictures and putting up those photographs in an exhibit called “Analog Revival.”

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The participating photographers for the exhibit are Daryl Christiana Gallardo, Kainu Malinit, Pauline Angela Morales, Abigail Penaverde, Sela Gonzales, Chelsea Anne Gabriel, Pryce Environ Quintos, Michael Hall, Jovanie Cabrera, Claricel Del Monte, Celia PeƱaflor, Arianne Julaton, Sam David Felix, Tricia Michaela Malinit, Xylene Tandoc, Ana Roberta Burgos, Kristoffer Shem Nebrija, Celine Keisja Nebrija, Justine Gabriela Amores, She Escobar, Jorden Bayacsan, and Mae Boston.

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With such a diverse group of exhibitors, no two images are alike. Through photographs of what seem to be mundane parts of life, we get to have an idea of the things that each photographer values because of the fact that film is not as disposable as, say, the storage on a smart phone, and every shot has weight.

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It’s also great to take a break from constantly straining one’s eyes by starting at a six inch phone screen, and instead, actually inhaling the details of a photograph on a much bigger “canvas”. It’s not such a bad idea to take a step away from the digital familiar, and it’s thanks to people like the members of the Cordilleras Film Collective that we won’t be seeing the extinction of film photography any time soon.

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Visit Analog Revival on display at the atrium of Albergo Hotel until November 8.

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