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As bloggers and freelance graphic designers, there are times when we would spend days just cooped up at home, that we crave the presence of other people. Sometimes we need a little change of scenery, so we turn to restaurants and coffee shops. But even then, the comfort isn’t the same, and the environment isn’t as conducive for working. Fortunately in Baguio, there is now a solution to that problem – a coworking space called Calle Uno.

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Calle Uno had just opened on July 16 of this year, and it is the first of its kind in Baguio City. And in order to further promote their establishment and give a taste of what a coworking space feels like, they opened their doors to the public for their Grand Launch in a one-day event called “Startup Start Now” last September 18. Here, they invited some big names in the startup business scene to talk about how to develop your own startup business. Being the opportunists that we like to think we are, we just had to check it out!

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Unfortunately for us, due to a little schedule conflict, we got there a bit late in the afternoon, and it looked like we had already missed a number of activities. But we weren’t disheartened, we were sure Calle Uno still had a lot of things in store. When we got there, there were stalls set up for a mini-job fair with companies related to online jobs.

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There were also a handful of food stalls set up, serving a very satisfying variety of foods to choose from, like burgers, cupcakes, rice meals, and fried street food. But of course we couldn’t spend the whole afternoon eating, so we went and explored the Calle Uno building.

Credits to Calle Uno’s Facebook Page for this awesome gif. Here’s what the building looks like on an average day. Pretty cool right? Apparently it was an old mansion that was renovated to become the Calle Uno headquarters that it is today.

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As we stepped inside, we discovered the variety of rooms or sections they had. This room (pictured above) is a computer room called LINK. Aside from these computers available, if you’re on your own laptop, Calle Uno offers 300 mbps WIFI.

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As we headed upstairs, the place got even cooler and cooler. A bit crowded, but we could see that everyone was really taking advantage of the time they had with the cozy space. There were students, freelancers, and business owners occupying every seat available.

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We then headed to a room called Work, which is reserved for Calle Uno members on regular days. We immediately noticed the awesome-looking foosball table. The people there were like super chill and enjoying glasses of wine. We also met Mr. Ace Estrada, the Managing Director of Calle Uno, who warmly showed us around and briefed us on what was still on the day’s agenda.

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The first place he directed us to was the pantry. Our eyes gleamed as he showed us the beer and coffee machines. We’re not much for beer, but hooray for overflowing coffee! And after a few more rounds around the building, we headed up another floor, to their space called Speak, for a talk by Mr. Jay Fajardo, the CEO of ProudCloud and an authority of Startups.

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There were many valuable take-aways from Jay Fajardo’s talk. But what struck us the most is his advice that when it comes to starting your own endeavor, we need to  “look beyond the challenges. Change the rules. Make the rules.” We’ll leave you with that as well.

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A few more speakers shared their own stories. One of which was Jay Fajardo’s wife, Gear Fajardo (pictured upper right), who is the founder of Good Meal Hunting. We were sad to have missed Dexter Paglinawan’s (author of Awesome ASS Marketing) talk on digital marketing, but at least we still got to see him around (pictured middle right).

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The event ended with everyone getting certificates for attending Startup Start Now. We decided to stay a little bit longer though to get an experience of what the grounds are like without too many people in it.

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We caught a glimpse of another training room they had, called Collab. It looked like a fancy classroom you’d see in a University in a movie. Oh how nice it would be to study at a place like this.

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We look forward to more events at Calle Uno, especially those that are relevant to today’s trends. We also heard that the space will be a venue for FOOD TRUCKS. That’s right! Food trucks! So that’s definitely something to watch out for.

If you want to take a break from working at home or at your usual cafe, Calle Uno’s spaces are open to drop in guests. But to get the full experience, you might want to become a member for access to exclusive rooms, even faster internet connection, and discounts on events. To learn more about Calle Uno and their rates, visit their website HERE.


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