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Sitting very closely to the heart of Baguio’s central business district, The Coffee Library has grown to become a popular hangout spot. Its proximity to the schools and dormitories make it a special chill and study place for students, as well as a select meeting place for businessmen, work friends, families, and the list goes on.

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So grab your favorite group of people and head on down to the Coffee Library. Browse through their assortment of caffeinated drinks, and don’t be intimated by the names when ordering.

where to baguio - coffee library - baristawhere to baguio - coffee library - cafe

One of the coffee varieties, Caphe Sua, simply translated, is hot Vietnamese coffee, and Caphe Sua Da is the iced version. If pure Vietnamese coffee is a tad too strong for you, you might want to opt for the foamy, classic Cafe Latte among their other hot, creamy drinks.

where to baguio - coffee library - cafe

But if you’re not in the mood for caffeine pulsing through your veins, they also have a bunch of fruit-based drinks and shakes to cheerfully sip, such as the strawberry-flavored Ruby Red. And for something proudly Pinoy, go for their indulgent Halo-Halo.

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The Coffee Library does its best to incorporate simple twists into their food, but these twists make a world of difference.

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Spring rolls, for example, are usually known for its soft outer wrap, but here, the rolls are deep fried to give it a crunchy and pleasantly gooey texture when you bite into them.

The Crispy Kare-kare also takes a crunchy jab at this favorite Filipino dish. Think crispy pata, but instead of Mang Tomas, the Kare-kare’s sauce serves as the dressing. Of course you can’t have it without alamang on the side.

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But the cafe also sticks to some classics, such as the Cheeseburger, plated with a side of fries. It’s slightly sinful, but hearty and also good for sharing if you’re not having it as a meal on its own.

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Coffee Library also boasts of its exquisite Pho. According to its Vietnamese customers, it has the closest taste to the pho being served in their home country.

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Finally, you can get your fingers sticky with spicy deliciousness as you munch on their Buffalo Wings to add some kick to your afternoon conversations.

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The traits that we look at in a café – the ambience, the drinks, and the food – are what constitute a great time with friends and family to have meaningful dialogues, and The Coffee Library gets check marks from us for all that criteria.

Visit the Coffee Library at the Rex Hall Building, Bonifacio Street.

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