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These days, a lot of us don’t have the opportunity to make breakfast for ourselves. Admit it, the older we get, the harder it is to remind ourselves the importance of eating breakfast. Thankfully, there are cafes in Baguio City that do the job for people like us! One of them is called Coffee Matters!

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What we like most about the cafe is its location. It’s very convenient! It’s located at Cathedral Level, Porta Vaga Sky Zone. We also appreciate the great panoramic view from the inside. We imagine this as a great place to watch the sunset. All the more reason to come back!

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The presence of jet plane photographs reminded us of our personal favorite ,Tony Scott’s  classic movie, Topgun.

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One thing that also impressed us was the huge jet plane installation! With the panoramic view of Baguio City in the background, there was an impression that the jet plane was flying. It was awesome!!!

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Now let’s talk about the food.

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Hungarian Sausage. (PHP125) Coffee Matters’ specialties are their sausage meals and the Hungarian Sausage is our favorite. Not only is it a complete and balanced meal, it also has the pungent taste that we love. This meal comes with a free cup of coffee too.

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Grilled Ham and Cheese with Pineapple (PHP95) We admit, this isn’t the first time we had a ham and cheese sandwich. What makes this wonderful piece special is the presence of the pineapple slice! What a delightful combination.

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Tuna Melts (PHP98) Don’t we all love tuna and cheese? Well, NEWS FLASH, this sandwich has both in it. It was a glory having this piece. Normally, we spend around 10 minutes taking photos of the food, but this time, we only spent less than 1 minute for each dish because we were already thrilled to put all of them in our mouths. LOL

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We wanted to have a hot cup of coffee at first but we opted to get a frappe because, to be honest, Baguio was hotter than usual that day and besides, we always have brewed coffee anyway, so we thought why not go for something else?

Front: Anchorage, Mint Chocolate (PHP85 for 12 ounce, PHP110 for 16 ounce)

Back: Crash and Dash, Java Chip   (PHP85 for 12 ounce, PHP110 for 16 ounce)

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There are still a lot of frappes to try out! When we were deciding what to order, we made a mental note to come back here until we already tried everything on the menu, especially their sausage meals and pastas! Will we see you there?


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