Fall into the rabbit hole and get lost (or rather, lose yourself) in this little piece of Wonderland in Baguio called Coffee N Pine.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe entrance

Located in Outlook Drive, which has been booming and becoming a prominent food hub in Baguio with more and more restaurants and bars popping up along the street, Coffee N Pine stands out with its simple homey exterior. A cutely decorated bike standing outside immediately caught our attention, and we immediately thought, “this is gonna be a treat!”

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe exterior

The exterior holds an outdoor dining area leading to a balcony perfect for dates and to the very entrance of the cafe.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe bar

Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staff and the rustic open kitchen. What’s cookin’, good lookin’? The aesthetic ride goes uphill from there, with every angle looking like something straight out of Pinterest.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe ground floorwhere to baguio coffee n pine cafe vintage

The simplistic appeal of Coffee N Pine is in the details. A bike hanging from the ceiling, checkerboard floor tiles, vintage decor – the visual elements of the cafe simply reminded us of Wonderland, and every minute made us curiouser and curiouser.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe ground floor

The magic continued as we ascended up the stairs…

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe interiorwhere to baguio coffee n pine cafe interior

Here’s a glimpse of the upstairs, which is the main area for indoor dining. Designed with a daring combination of bright and pastel colors and regal patterns that simply werks,

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe menu

As you would expect, they have an exciting range of lattes, frappes, smoothies, and teas to choose from. For food choices, their menu mainly consists of salads, sandwiches and pasta, the perfect pair for afternoon coffee.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe carbonara pasta

We had the Creamy Carbonara (PHP 140) which was served a la fettuccine pasta and with garlic bread on the side. The carbonara was racy with pepper, and the bacon bits also gave it a little bit of crunch for texture. Other pastas to try are their Healthy Pesto and Saucy Spaghetti.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe beef burger monster

The champion of our dining experience was the Beef Burger Monster (PHP 240). The double patties in this burger were extra beefy. Combined with loads of cheese and BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) and extra crispy fries served on the side, this mouthwatering dish sure did satisfy our appetite.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe frappes

Even though Coffee N Pine is situated on a cool hillside, any time’s a good time for its chilled drinks. Among them are the heavy and rich Dark Choco Frappe, the forever favorite Matcha Green Tea Frappe, and the creamy yet tart Raspberry Soothie. The frappes and smoothies are around PHP 155 to 170 range. Make the most of your buck by going for the 16 oz size, which only costs 5 to 10 pesos more than the 12 oz. variant.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe bailey's frappe

A frappe that deserves an honorable mention is the Baileys Frappe, legit made with Baileys Irish Cream Liquer. We could definitely taste the hint of alcohol in every sip. Alcohol during tea time? Hell yes!

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe mochacino

One of the hot drinks that we tried was the Mochaccino (PHP 105). The simple coffee art on this latte is absolute perfection.

where to baguio coffee n pine cafe decor

Coffee N Pine’s interior design sets the stage for a fantastic and wonder-filled dining experience. Or shall we say, mad tea time? Here, it’s okay to bring out your phones and shutter away. Go ahead, no one’s judging. 😉


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