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There is a rising need to be constantly connected to the internet, whether you’re a student, employee, or a digital nomad. But sometimes wifi isn’t always accessible and hanging out in cafes for productive work doesn’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, having establishments such as coworking spaces and internet hubs has become a growing trend in Baguio, to not only provide a space that’s conducive for productivity but to also allow for comfort and interaction.

In this scene, Craftery Coworking Hub is one of the latest additions. Situated in Trancoville, its location is convenient for those coming from nearby univeristy and anywhere near the CBD. With its wooden interior and lots of room for sunlight to come in, it has a cozy and homely vibe that somehow takes off some of the pressure from work or study.

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Visitors can come in any time (and we literally mean ANY time as it is open 24 hours) to avail of use of their space, which includes fast wifi and optional free flowing coffee or tea. There is even a corner for all-nighters or anyone who simply wants to lie down and take a power nap. Food can also be ordered from their kitchen or from the nearby stalls outside the hub.

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They have different rates depending on the amount of time you’ll be spending in the hub. One can also avail of membership to the hub by paying a one-time fee. Of course, membership to Craftery comes with different perks such as discounts and access to certain events.

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But staying in Craftery isn’t always about work and study. Some people come to simply chill and have fun. While there are board games on the shelves that are always readily available to play. Craftery also hosts game nights several times a month for people to come together and learn different table top games that aren’t just Chess or Pusoy Dos (although those classics are available too).

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The hub also aims to develop a sense of community and personal development among its members and visitors. They tap mentors who can share insights about their specializations to those with willing-minds. Some of the mentors so far are well-versed in subjects such as programming, writing, and virtual assistance.

The space is also available for seminars, meet-ups, and other gatherings. We made good use of the space just recently, when we hosted a workshop on Brush Calligraphy, taught by the fabulous Bem (@bemzenit), an artist we connected with during the 3rd Craft Fair.

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There’s never a lack of things to do in Craftery, whether you need to get some serious work done, or just want to lounge and have fun, this coworking hub has got you covered. Visit them at #1 Magsaysay Avenue, Old Happy Homes, Baguio City.



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