where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

Over the years, Cucinino has grown to become one of the must-visit food stalls in Porta Vaga. Last Saturday, June 8, we received the honor of joining them, along with the brand’s friends and family, in celebrating their 10th anniversary.

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

The food stall was started a decade ago by couple Celine and TJ, and they recall how they simply wanted to start a business back then, unsure of what the future will bring. And despite the ups and downs, including opening another branch called Cuci (which, sadly, is no longer standing), they are grateful that the quaint, yet lovable kiosk is still thriving.

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversarywhere to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

We’re proud to say that we are among Cucinino’s returning customers, and to commemorate this milestone, we recount 10 Reasons Cucinino Keeps Us Coming Back.

1. The Location
How convenient it is to find Cucinino right in the heart of Baguio’s Central Business District. So whether you’re out for leisure or for errands, it’s super easy to pop by for a plate of your Cucinino favorites.

2. Budget-friendly Prices
With many of their menu items being priced under the 100 peso mark, it’s no wonder that students and workers frequent the food kiosk.

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

3. Serving Size
You definitely get what you pay for. Not only do you get food with elevated taste, but they come at great serving sizes to get your belly filled.

4. The Pasta Selection
Pasta lovers rejoice! Cucinino offers four varieties of Pasta – Pomodoro, White Sauce, Aglio Olio, and Pesto. If you’re in the mood for more than just one type of pasta, they have a dish called the Triple Treat where you get to try three types in one plate!

5. Specifically, the Pesto Pasta
Pesto comes in different varieties, but if you love Pesto as much as we do, Cucinino’s is worth coming back for, again and again. The basil is fresh and the pasta-to-sauce ratio is on point. It’s no surprise that the Pesto is their best seller!

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

6. Aesthetics
Despite being smack dab in the middle of a busy mall hallway, this stall still stays instagrammable with its modern-rustic, white wood aesthetic. So grab your phones and take your next social media photo.

7. Loyalty to Their Recipes
There’s a reason why Cucinino has built a base of loyal customers – they have been serving the same taste since they opened ten years ago!

8. Flavorful Chicken
If you’ve tried any of their dishes with roast chicken, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The savoriness and smoky-ness makes a flavorful complement to their pasta.

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

9. The Bread
Cucinino uses wheat bread for their sandwiches and side servings, which makes for a healthy addition to your course. We like to savor the garlic bread by soaking up some of the left over pasta sauce

10. The Service
Quick lunch break? No problem! You don’t have to wait long for your favorite dish with their fast and friendly service.

where to baguio cucinino 10th anniversary

We wish the Cucinino family the best in their future endeavors and hope for more years of service to come. In fact, we’re looking forward to another kiosk that they have in the works, which will be featuring Filipino refreshments with a twist.

Do you have any special memories at Cucinino over the decade? Share them with us! 🙂

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