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The season of giving is almost here! While Christmas bazaars and sales are beginning to pop up here and there, there might still be room for a handmade gift on your list of recipients. And if you’re in need of ideas, we’ve got one for you! Why not customize a pair of sneakers?

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It’s super simple! All you need is a pair of white or plain sneakers and colored Sharpie markers. Kicks sneakers work great for this since they come in different designs with a canvas-like exterior so that the ink sticks to the shoe. Plus, they’re not very expensive.

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Of course, you could also paint on the shoe if you don’t want to use markers. Or for a 3D feel, try stick-on patches. Be as over-the-top and wild as you want. Or go simple and minimal for something more modern. The designs possibilities are endless since you’re in control. Your personal touch and taste are what’s going to make this gift extra special.

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There’s really not much to it! The hardest part would probably be finding out your recipient’s shoe size without being too obvious ;). You can never go wrong with a personalized present, so give the gift of personal touch and creativity this season with something you made or customized yourself!

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Anyways, we would like to thank SM Baguio for donating ten pairs of Kicks shoes. In partnership with KBP through Star FM, these shoes will be going to underprivileged children from one of the barangays in Baguio. Let’s keep on giving!

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Have an idea for a DIY gift this Christmas? Share on the comments!

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