Once upon a time, we heard about the newest, cutest dessert place to hit Baguio, called Vanilla Cafe…


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And since we love vanilla, the name already got us hooked, and to add to that, our Instagram feeds were filled with pictures of the cafe popping up everywhere. Thus, it was decidedly so, that we just had to go. After a hefty dinner, we paid a visit to Vanilla Cafe for a little, fancy dessert sesh.

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Vanilla Cafe is located at Outlook Drive, just a bit beyond Albergo Hotel. Despite the darkness of night, the palace-like building was hard to miss, and you could probably see why. Its white exterior stands out among the trees it is nestled among, (plus it helped that they had really good lighting). We could practically hear the building calling us to come in.

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Upon the first step we took inside, we could really feel the regal theme going on here. Embellished with floral wallpapers and curtains, it was like we were being transported to a fairy tale land. The pastel colors looked sweet, kind of like a allusion to the sweet, sweet treats we were about to feed our tummies.

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We were both surprised and not surprised that the place was filled with people. All of them enjoying their meals and desserts while embracing the regal, princess-y ambiance of the place. While the chairs looked really comfy, we decided to dine out on their veranda to enjoy the cool night air. And feeling a bit jealous of everyone’s plates, we just had to order ASAP.

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We got the last two Blue Vanilla cupcakes, because one: keyword VANILLA, and two: they looked too cute to be left behind on the display. These cupcakes taste like wedding bells, especially with the candy “V”s which taste just like the candied flowers on wedding cakes.

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We also got a Carrot cupcake and a Red Velvet cupcake for some variation. Overall, for each of the flavors we tried, we really loved the cake itself, which was soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness. The frosting on the other hand, was a tad too sweet for us. But could we take the time to adore the cute plates they’re served on?

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To wash down all that sweetness, we had a Java Choco Frappe and a Pink Strawberry Milkshake, which definitely “brings all the boys to the yard” with its nostalgic Nesuik-like taste. We wished they had more vanilla-based drinks on the menu though.

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At the end of our little dessert sesh, our sweet tooth cravings were more than satisfied. And with the Java Choco Frappe, we also got our caffeine fix. We also have to say that the staff of Vanilla Cafe were very friendly and accommodating, and they would regularly ask us about our experience in the place. Thumbs up for the great service!

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The cupcakes are in the P98 to P128 peso range, which we would say are prices fit for a king. But it is the price to pay for the wonderful ambiance and service they have to offer. They also have rice meals and other foods of the salty variety on their menu, which is something we’d love to try in the future.

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As we climbed up the stairs, we had to say goodbye to this little fairy tale land that we got to live in for a short while. ‘Til we meet again, Vanilla Cafe!

Planning on your own little dessert sesh? Try Vanilla Cafe at Outlook Drive. They’re open from 6 in the morning to 12 midnight, so don’t forget your glass slippers!


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