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The season for family and friends to get together is here! But then again, any time is a good time for a get-together with delectable food. So whatever occasion is being celebrated, whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a regular night out, one place comes to mind – Fork N’ Dagger, located at Nevada Square.

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Fork n’ Dagger can be an easy-favorite for its wide selection of dishes in a semi-fine dining setting. The best part is that the servings are good for sharing and come in very reasonable prices, so we could try a variety of the food by mixing and matching.

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For starters, we gave our tongues a shocker with the Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings (PHP 190), served with potato chips and salad on the side. This finger food got us fanning our mouths. Those of us who aren’t into spicy food couldn’t take much, but good thing there are other buffalo wing flavors on the menu which we could try another time.

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Aldub got nothing on the Chicken Ala Queen (PHP 175). The crispy, boneless chicken was marinated in garlic, which made it flavorful to begin with, and along with the creamy sauce, this entree was really delightful.

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The Pork N’ Dagger Ribs (PHP 220) is one of the restaurant’s bestsellers, and for good reason. For its price, it was hefty. The smoky meat slides right off the bone, accompanied by the rich barbecue sauce. The salad on the side is drizzled with a strawberry-type sauce. It’s quite the heavy meal on its own!

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Papa P’s Pork BBQ (PHP 190) is a classic. It has a smoky, sweet flavor, which is why lemon slices are available to give it some tang. For the non-adventurous type who wants a simple meal, this would be the safe choice.

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Someone call Jack Black, because this Nacho Libre (PHP 175) is a winner. Loaded with lettuce, cheese, meat, and other toppings, this platter of nachos adds crunch to the conversation. It’s great as an add-on, appetizer, or snack. *Cruuunch munch munch munch*

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Our all-time favorite dish has to be the Paella Rice (PHP 225). When it was served, the pot was covered in aluminum foil to keep it steamy and hot. As soon as we unwrapped it, we were greeted by its fragrant aroma. The paella was filled with all kinds of meat – chicken, pork, shrimp, crab, shells – we couldn’t keep track! The rice was really savory and tasted like seafood. More please!

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For us, a dining experience is never complete without pasta. The saucy Chicken Parmigiana Pasta (PHP 185) is made with something called “bechamel sauce”. We’re not entirely sure what that is, but, we’re sure about one thing – this pasta was deliciously meaty as it was topped with slices of crispy cheesy chicken.

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After all those dishes, we made sure we had room for dessert! Their special Brownies Ala Chocolat’ (PHP 130) is made from scratch. The vanilla ice cream is homemade, resting atop chewy brownies. It’s the perfect end to a great meal. There are also cold drinks such as house blend ice tea, red tea, and cucumber lemonade to wash it all down.

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We really appreciated the friendly service brought to us by the staff. We also found that the Fork N’ Dagger experience is best had at night. The lights look really pretty if you choose to dine outside in the cool air. Plus, on the weekends, there are live band performances if musical dinners are your kind of jam.

So grab your friends, mother, father, sister, brother and head on to Fork N’ Dagger at the back area of Nevada Square. There’s lots of dishes, conversations, and fun times to share. Many people come for the food and stay for the company.


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