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Written by Jannelle Willer

I constantly joke about being “woke” whenever I get a chance to share my thoughts on the environment. This may sound cringey, but it is my millennial way of stating the fact that climate change is man-made, and we all need to be environmentally conscious if we want a change. It is sad to say that this movement has just started to pick up traction recently even if it had started years before. National television shows now have the manner of giving away metal straws. I am happy that this matter is coming about, and it needs more attention.

The zero-waste movement is a movement wherein none of your trash or waste goes to landfills. One way to look at this movement is the point that we generally lessen our trash that goes into the environment by reducing what we consume and essentially following the 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot/Composting). The better way to look at this movement for me is answering the “Why” of it all. Why should we engage in the zero-waste movement?

Simply put, the zero-waste approach may be one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective strategies to protect the climate. If everybody will engage in this movement I am most certain that we will enjoy a better climate and a happy atmosphere, if not now then at least in the future.

How exactly does zero-waste help climate change? I am a simple person (not a scientist at all) but short research on the internet will tell you that the more trash that goes to landfill is equivalent to more gas being emitted to the atmosphere that contributes to the change in climate. Producing and discarding plastic waste kills the environment which in turn will harm us in the end. That’s just how short I can explain it but if you do want more specifics, Google is our best friend.

Recent thunderstorms, flash floods and landslides are effects of our own lifestyle choices. It may be something we don’t want to admit but all or most of us at least are under the spell of consumerism; we acquire more and more goods that we don’t need and most of it do go to waste. The solution for this will be awareness and making smart decisions about what we do buy and what we do with our trash.

Acquiring the zero-waste lifestyle is not easy to do if you are accustomed to certain things but with the help of social media, we all may help each other and motivate everyone to take action!

Indeed, preventing waste and following the 5 R’s are essential to put us on the path to climate stability. Let’s all be the change!

If you are a Baguio reader, I highly suggest for you to join these groups: Buhay Zero-Waste Baguio Benguet and The Plastic Solution Baguio


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