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Korean Manor Buffet: Scenic, Unlimited Samgyeopsal and Shabushabu at Mines View!

We’ll be frank – we looove Korean food! We remember our college days when we would often spend lunch or after-class dinners at the nearest Korean fast food joint, ordering Ramyeon rice combos with Kim Bab on the side. Now that we’re out of college...
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Araw-araw, Habi-habi: Woven Photographs by Kidlat de Guia

Araw-araw, Habi-habi: Woven Photographs by Kidlat de Guia

Weaving has been an integral part of Cordilleran culture – from woven tapestries and garments to woven rice straws for baskets, accessories, and tools. In Kidlat de Guia’s exhibit, entitled “Araw-araw, Habi-habi”, he takes photography to a...



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Get to Know: Munimuni the Band

Get to Know: Munimuni the Band

When it comes to Indie Original Pinoy Music, Baguio has a relatively saturated, yet highly appreciative audience, which is why quite a number of Indie bands come to Baguio to spread their music. And Munimuni, hailing from Manila, is one of the most recent bands to...


Hats Off to Mount Kalugong

Hats Off to Mount Kalugong

If you’re the adventurous type and are looking for a nice thrill to enjoy over a sunny weekend, you don’t have to stray too far away from Baguio for that. La Trinidad is home to Mount Kalugong, which has become quite the popular destination, known for its...