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Lately, Legarda Road has been booming with more food establishments popping up here and there. It looks like it’s coming up as another contender for a go-to food hub in Baguio City, and what’s great is that it’s not too far from Burnham. One of the newest restaurants gracing Legarda’s streets is the fanciful Hungry Tribe Bistro.

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Being a new food place, Hungry Tribe Bistro is still on a journey of discovering the best foods and experiences to deliver to its customers. According to Freida, one of the restaurant owners, they simply want their diners to feel at home. While they are still expanding their menu, we got to try some of their specialties.

First things first, Hungry Tribe’s servers are hearing impaired and speech impaired, so a little patience on our part goes a long way. The menu also has codes for easier learning, so here’s where our knowledge in alphabet sign language can actually come in handy!

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We are big, big fans of pesto pasta, especially Hungry Tribe’s. Made with fresh basil and real pine nuts, we couldn’t get enough! For only P70, this dish is worth it! They also have other pasta dishes such as Creamy Tuna, Carbonara, and Spanish Style for P90. On some days, they serve UNLIMITED PASTA for only P200, so watch out for announcements on their Facebook page!

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Among their sandwich varieties is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup (P85), which makes for a creamy, hearty combination.

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If you’re looking for a healthy meal, they also have a Chunky Chicken filled with crisp alfalfa sprouts and served with fresh fruits on the side (P100). If you haven’t noticed yet, their food prices are really affordable!

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If you’re a coffee addict looking for some thrill, try their Durian Coffee, found no where else in Baguio! It doesn’t even need creamer or sugar. It’s sweet on its own and you can really smell and taste the Durian essence.

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They also serve Korean Ramyeon, which wouldn’t be complete without Kimchi! Starting at P80 for the plain variation, you can choose to add toppings such as Cheese, Egg, and Bacon. And if you really love Ramyeon, they also serve UNLIMITED Ramyeon for P200!

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Digital nomads are very much welcome to work at their mini co-working space or “Diligence Corner”. For 500 pesos, one can enjoy unlimited coffee and one free meal in this comfy space.

Hungry Tribe Bistro’s homely charm comes from its simple dishes and its clean artsy feel. With lots more tasty and affordable dishes in store, we can’t wait to come back for more! Find them at MH Del Pilar Street, Legarda (just in front of Cafe Will).


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