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As a year-ender for 2017, the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space held an exhibit entitled “Last Order”, named after the phenomenon of putting together “all the leftover dishes from the kitchen, sometimes creating new dishes.” Through the curation of Kawayan De Guia, a number of artists brought their art works together to fill the spaces of the gallery.

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“Last Order” featured works by Jigger Cruz, Randy Gawi, Abbie Lara, Lih Ocampo, Doming Gayo, and even Kawayan himself.

Kawayan’s art, occupying one side of the art space, pops out of the walls with its bright, sometimes neon colors. Using the technique of doodle-paint-burn-and-collage on paper, his works are nothing short of punk rock.

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Jigger Cruz’s mixed media piece is a simple landscape suspended in glass, conveying a raw, somewhat ironic juxtaposition of nature and the debris of construction.

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Abbie Lara , who is a Film Editor for Kidlat Tahimik, showcased her pen and pencil illustrations. A corkboard was the perfect backdrop to bring together doodles on tissue, organic memorabilia, and what seem to have been torn from notebook pages. Pinned and put together, just like the insides of the mind.

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Lih Ocampo’s photographs hit close to home, with a surreal depiction of depression. With shots from around Baguio City, this (currently) Manila-based photographer isolates his subjects by washing out everyone else in the picture. The finished images embody feelings of loneliness and being lost.

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Randy Gawi’s canvas of choice are T-shirts. These graphic tees definitely make a statement, that despite being hand painted, they look like collages of magazine cut-outs. We would surely want to wear these art pieces around.

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Unfortunately we weren’t able to salvage our shots of Doming Gayo’s simple, yet fun drawings of duendes, tapping into childhood innocence. But if you do find yourself in Oh My Gulay, you’ll appreciate his sculptures of men and bulols, some of which are made of wicker.

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The artists: Abbie Lara (left), Lih Ocampo (middle)

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As Kidlat would pronounce Last Order with a “DRRRRR” as in “BRRRR”, this mix and match exhibit was a fun way to end the year, opening up a new line of exhibits to look forward to in 2018.


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