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If you’re looking for unique chocolate variations to snack on or to give as a gift to your sweet-loving beau or family member, these chocolates by Judge Fudge are definitely the way to go!

Judge Fudge is the brainchild of Twinkle Ramirez and Ernan Gundran. They work really hard to come up with unique flavors and make sure that the fudge mix is perfect before releasing it out for the world to enjoy. Judge Fudge currently makes nine chocolate flavors, each with a twist that gives your mouth a different sensation each time. Let’s discover them one by one:

Green Tea

where to baguio green tea chocolate judge fudge

Matcha is a popular flavor loved by many (including us!). But this isn’t like any other matcha-flavored snack or drink. Judge Fudge’s Green Tea fudge is heavy on the green tea, which gives it a more bittersweet “herb-like” taste. This is one of their best-selling flavors, and one of our favorites, too!

Zion’s Mintyroad

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Another of their best-sellers. This fudge is composed of white chocolate with peppermint candy on a bed of dark chocolate. We love that minty aftertaste that reminds us of Christmas time.


where to baguio chocolabuyo judge fudge

Judge Fudge uses real chilli seeds for this spicy chocolate. When we tried this, we really felt that ZING on our tongues. Perfect for anyone who’s into spicy food!

Piña Collada

where to baguio piÑa collada chocolate judge fudge

Pineapple and coconut on a white chocolate base. The Piña Collada fudge is sweet with a hint of sour in between, just like the cocktail, but turned into bite-sized chocolatey goodness!

Rocky Road

where to baguio rocky road chocolate judge fudge

Judge Fudge’s Rocky Road is jam-packed with soft, chewy marshmallows and nuts. This is one of the flavors that kids might enjoy, but who isn’t a kid-at-heart these days?


where to baguio bacon chocolate judge fudge

Bacon and chocolate?! You may think this is a crazy combination, but it totally works! The bittersweet chocolate makes an interesting contrast to the chewy, salty bacon bits. If you’re the type of person who dips his/her fries in their sundaes (like some of us at WTB), this flavor is a definite must-try!

Rum Fudge

where to baguio rum fudge chocolate judge fudge 

How do you like your liquor? We like ours infused in our chocolate for that extra KICK. We could really feel the rum flavor tingling on our tongues and down our throat, kind of like taking a shot of Jack Daniels FOR DESSERT!

Fruit and Nut

where to baguio fruit & nut chocolate judge fudge

Just like the Rocky Road, we appreciate how they’re really generous with the raisins and nuts in this Fruit and Nut fudge.

Oreo Butterscotch

where to baguio oreo butterscotch chocolate judge fudge

The Oreo Butterscotch, another unique flavor, is half-dark chocolate and half-chewey butterscotch. This is another of our favorites.

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These chocolates come in boxes of 36 pieces. You can mix and match up to six flavors per box for only P100. You can also get a tub of one flavor for just P60. They also offer customized packages for gift purposes. They can even make the fudge in different shapes!

You can order these chocolates by sending Judge Fudge a message on their Facebook page HERE. Or you could contact them through phone at 0905-4919-983. They usually close their order windows on Monday and Thursday, and deliver on Tuesday and Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s perfect for any occasion. Especially now that it’s rainy season, a hot cup of cocoa is the kind of picker-upper that makes for a pleasant chilly afternoon. And here’s another idea, some hot pandesal with Judge Fudge chocolates smothered in between. So get your box of Judge Fudge chocolates and see what we mean for yourself!

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