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Perhaps one of our most favorite exhibits displayed at Cafe by the Ruins in the beginning of 2018, “Lutu-lutuan” by Kora Dandan Albanois is a playful exhibit filled with child-like wonder.

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Kora’s artwork reflects her profession as a children’s book illustrator, having drawn for 46 children’s books locally and internationally. She is an award-winning illustrator, whose commendations have spanned from the 1990s to the present.

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As the name of the exhibit implies, “Lutu-lutuan” is a celebration of Philippine cuisine, represented by children dressed in traditional garb, preparing classic Filipino dishes such as ube and ginataan.

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This reminds us of the days when we were young, when we would play by pretending to cook using various things found around the house as make-shift cookware and ingredients. It gives a sense of nostalgia.

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“Lutu-lutuan” was a feel-good exhibit, with positive vibes and happy memories from childhood bouncing off the walls and into our hearts. And if you happen to find and purchase a children’s book illustrated by Kora, you’ve got a real treasure in your hands.

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