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There’s a new art space in town, and it’s in none other than Villa Romana, home to Maela Jose and Sonny Zandueta. As you may remember, Maela was the artist behind last year’s Session Road Christmas Tree, and it feels like it wasn’t too long ago that we were in her studio, getting a first look at the tree as a work in progress.

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Now, in another part of Villa Romanam they opened up a space, called “Mahal Likha Art Gallery” which is a play on the word “Maharlika”, and knowing Maela and Sonny as the types who want to continuously spread good and creative energy, it’s very fitting that opening up a gallery in their very own back door would be the next step in their calling.

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To kick off the grand opening, they invited UP Fine Arts First Year and Fourth Year students for “Cloth, Paper, Quilt, Print”. The works displayed are from their classes on Materials and Printmaking. On one side of the gallery are quilted works using carefully chosen pieces of fabric brought together to make coherent images. And on the other side are works from an age-old graphic art printmaking technique, using wood, rubber, and even old CDs for designs which are transferred onto paper.

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The event was also held during a full-moon, and with this, Maela and Sonny hope to revive “Full Moon Parties” which has been a regular celebration in Baguio in the 80’s. Gaia Earth Music and Mantra x Makina were invited to perform and give musical life to the grand opening. In no time, those who were present would be dancing into the night.

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We definitely look forward to more art shows and full moon parties at Mahal Likha Art Gallery and are excited for new traditions to be formed.

Visit this art space at Villa Romana, Ambuklao Road, Tiptop Benguet, and while you’re at it, check out their Flower Cafe!

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