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Despite being avid coffee-enthusiasts, there comes a time when we crave for a different kind of brew – the alcoholic kind, that is, and what better place to quench that thirst than in the renowned Baguio Craft Brewery.

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Located along Marcos Highway, Baguio Craft Brewery has been serving its unique beers for a good handful of years. One of the team members of Where to Baguio actually lives nearby, and has witnessed, firsthand, its construction and rise to popularity. But interestingly enough, it was our first time to actually visit the establishment.

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We could hear the music from blocks away. The band, Pickle Relish, entertained the crowd with classic hits and OPM with a reggae twist, perfect for the start of summer season.

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Beer time! The waiter serving us probably guessed from our blank looks and nervous smiles that it was our first time there and that we were overwhelmed by the variety of beers available. Thankfully he immediately stepped in and asked, “what do you usually drink?” As we gave our answers, he prepared samples for us to try, from the bitter variety to the sweet.

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After downing a few shot glasses, we finally made our verdicts. Of course we had to go with the fruit close to our hearts, strawberry, the star of the Lagud beer. And for a sweet and sour option, we got Keywheat, which is kiwi-flavored.

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For pulutan, we were served BBQ, which was tender and packed with flavor, making it a perfect pairing to our beers.

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We also got a taste of their steamy sisig, sitting on lettuce, which provided a cold and crunchy complement to the hot pork.

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As we chilled, sipping on our delicious beers, Pickle Relish playing the background, it was no wonder to us why Baguio Craft Brewery is so popular. The place is packed on the weekends and even tourists flock to the establishment when they get a chance. It’s THE go-to place for your leveled-up drinking experience with a rotation of flavors to keep you thirsty for more.

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