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Every Saturday, we in WTB like to do things differently to step out of our usual weekday habits. And this time, we decided to go back to a burger shop that we discovered a few weeks back and it’s called MIWISHAYU! (A play on words for ME, WE, SIYA, YOU!)

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Despite the Japanese-sounding name, We don’t exactly know what makes the burgers Japanese-y aside from the fact that they’re served on wooden panels akin to how you’d get served sushi. But they’re definitely a lot different from the usual American grease-filled lumps of meat that they call a burger.

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Presenting the Taco Burger.(PHP120) At first, you’d expect that maybe somewhere in this burger are corn chips hence the term “taco”. But it does not have any chips, yet the presence of the salsa and the veggies still give it a very Mexican-ish vibe.

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The Bulldog.(PHP120) We always have that one friend, and in this case we have that one burger. The bulldog is that one burger! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what makes this burger look unique. The black charcoal buns, compared to regular buns, are somewhat drier and tougher to chew. It also has a different flavor in itself that we don’t even know the words for. If, you’re wondering why it’s called the bulldog, that’s the name of their sauce.

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Kani Burger.(PHP120) We guess this is the most Japanese-y burger of them all. It’s filled with crab sticks, mangoes, cucumbers, and other ingredients that you would usually find in a california maki.where to baguio miwishayu 8

Classic Burger. (PHP95) If you’re not a daring kind of person, maybe this burger is for you! It comes with lettuce, cheese, cucumber, and tomato that you find in a generic burger. However, it still has a certain zing that makes it stand out.

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Of course, a bunch of these mouthwatering burgers will make you thirsty. A milkshake in mixed berries or vanilla flavor definitely hits the spot.where to baguio miwishayu 2

We just love this installation of wood pieces on the wall! Believe it or not, you wouldn’t find any nails on them.

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In terms of its interior design, MIWISHAYU is very minimalistic and though the space may not be as big as a Jollibee restaurant, the place makes good use of the space and within that space, MIWISHAYU offers more than meets the eye.

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