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Riddle me this: What is something you wear, which completes any outfit like an accessory, but cannot be seen? The answer? Perfume! And perhaps more specifically, these perfumes by Monteblanco.

Monteblanco is an entrepreneural endeavor by Radz Blanco Bismonte, a recent communications graduate from Saint Louis University, who felt that the corporate life was not quite the path for him, so he took the road less traveled by and started his own perfume brand.

With Monteblanco, Radz wanted to create a brand that exudes positivity. As he said, he wanted a brand “for people who want to feel great and get more out of life.” And having tried some of the¬†fragrances, we can say that each fragrance is tailored for all kinds of personalities and has a story to tell.


where to baguio monteblanco lush

Lush is a flowery, feminine scent that’s subtle and yet screams “Miss Independent.” It’s the scent you wear every day to bring spring time wherever you go, but also perfect for that first date to make him remember you and keep wanting more.


where to baguio monteblanco loud

Musky and mysterious, Loud is the kind of scent that can make the ladies swoon. This perfume adds spice to your fresh-out-of-the-shower mornings and ready-for-some-fun kind of evenings. Completed with a leather jacket and grungy jeans, walk into the club, and you’ll surely turn heads.


where to baguio monteblanco bang

Bang has a sweet and fruity aroma that gives a quirky and welcoming aura. Bang is perfect for the girl next door who loves vintage dresses and afternoons sipping coffee at a whole-in-the-wall cafe, accompanied by a nice book.


where to baguio monteblanco trap

You’re like, “Hey what’s up, hello!” Trap’s cool, citrus-like smell gives a cheerful, easy-going vibe for the guy next door. Trap complements any outfit, whether for school, or church, or the gym. No wonder this fragrance is one of Monteblanco’s best sellers!

Monteblanco has many more fragrance variations to choose from, for both guys and girls! They say that the perfume you wear tells a lot about who you are. So do a little soul search and find that scent that has your name written all over it.

To us, Monteblanco is not just a perfume brand, but also a great example, set by its pioneer, Radz Blanco Bismonte, that no matter where you are in life or how old you are, if you are truly passionate about something and persevere on chasing after that endeavor, anything’s possible.

To learn more about Monteblanco (and place an order), you could visit their Facebook page or Instagram.

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