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We love our mothers. They work so hard to keep everything in tip-top shape. They’re there to support us. They make sure we’re always safe and never hungry. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so why not take your dear mom out on a date as one way of saying thank you, and to make the date even more special, take her somewhere in Baguio that she (or you) may have not yet been to. Here are our top 5 Baguio restaurants for where to date your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Arca’s Yard

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If you’re looking for some place scenic, Arca’s Yard is the place to go as it is located just on the border of Baguio. Outside, you and your mom can enjoy fresh air with a grand view of the mountainside. Inside, you can relax Japanese-style, surrounded by great pieces of art and cultural artifacts. Go for some pasta or a rice meal, and if there’s room for dessert, you have to try a Kamote Pie.

Location: Ambuklao Road

2. Red Rustikz

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Does your mom love her cooking shows? Take her somewhere she can see her food being prepared live and even talk to the chefs (if they aren’t too busy). Take her to Red Rustikz. Red Rustikz offers a unique and international selection of food with homemade ingredients. Then pair your main course with a beverage. from yet another wide selection of coffee or non-coffee based drinks. Delicioso!

Location: Upper General Luna Road

3. Glyco

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If your mom has a sweet tooth and has a fondness for colorful pastries and cakes, look no further, Glyco is the place to be. Even if the place is small, it’s a great place to enjoy some afternoon tea or coffee and a slice of cake or cupcakes with your mom, as if you took a quick trip to a little coffee shop in France.

Location: PNR

4. Cafe de Angelo

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Cafe de Angelo’s food are made with organic ingredients, so if your mom’s on the health conscious side, this is a great place to take her. They have vegetarian selections available. But if you do go to Cafe de Angelo, we urge you to take a little guilt trip to try their Chicharon Pasta and Bacon-wrapped Sandwich. You won’t regret it.

Location: St. Patrick’s Village, South Drive

5. Sage

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Sage is a family restaurant with a nice, relaxing ambiance, and to complete that, they serve hearty meals that hit just the spot. Try out their Shepherd’s Pie, a beef and mashed potato dish, or their specialty, the ever-tender Bulalo Steak, dripping in gravy. For dessert, make your selection from their cakes on display.

Location: Military Cut-off


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