Our Editor-in-Chief shares his first experience in Secret Garden with his two sisters.


I was still asleep when my sister barged in my room asking if I wanted to go out that day. If it wasn’t her birthday, I would’ve turned the invitation down.

So off we went to the Secret Garden along Southdrive. No one among us knew exactly where the Secret Garden was; even the taxi driver didn’t know. Hence the name, I guess. Hurrrrhurrrrrrr


One thing I like about the resto is its exterior design. There is a pond full of lilies and there is a balcony that’s quite small, like it was designed only for a couple, so I guess that isn’t so bad. I like the windows, too! The interior looked typical to me, except for the aquarium that partly covered the counter. It was cool, there was actually a sticker on the side of it that says “sea”, so that isn’t so bad, either.


I wouldn’t say the food was really good because I’m not the adventurous kind of person when it comes to trying out different dishes. I was supposed to have ordinary pesto pasta, but I opted to go with something a little challenging since I usually get pesto pasta every time I’m in a resto like that. So I ordered, wait for it, Creamy Pesto Pasta! Hahaha Talk about courage!


For the least, the Creamy Pesto Pasta wasn’t really bad. It was actually very good, and the pizza, too! And the drinks were to die for, no shit.


I’ve always wanted to take photos like these!


So there’s my four-eyed self trying to look like a rockstar. The mirror shot was taken when we had milk tea in a newly opened café down Session Road. So much for a foodie that isn’t really me.


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