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Last year, we learned about Jojet Mondares’ amazing advocacy for the first time – creating art with plastic bags.  Since then, he has been featured in multiple media outlets, including the History Channel. This year, he continues to spread his artvocacy, this time, at Cafe by the Ruins Dua with his exhibit called “New Life 2”.

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Continuing his themes of reflection and introspection, Jojet “paints” images of scenes of nature using scraps of plastic ironed on to the canvas, which also happens to be a black plastic bag. His pieces convey messages of solitude and serenity. He cites Leonid Afremov as his source of inspiration for his art style, using bright bold colors and contrasting warm and cool hues to set the emotion of the painting. One can imagine the care and meticulousness he takes in cutting out the plastic into shapes and “strokes”.

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His latest pieces, however, are more abstract in form and technique. Wherein he plays with solid colors to also purvey emotions, such as red for anger and blue for sadness or peace. These works are more experimental and playful, he says. In these pieces, he explores more techniques in blending the plastic using more intense temperatures and pressings of the iron.

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These more modern works give the illusion of wood or tiles, which shows the versatility of the material in making art. Having traveled the country for this advocacy, Jojet actually invites students, artists, and anyone interested in repurposing these materials, to create art out of it. He holds workshops and demos to teach the techniques used in making these pieces.

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Jojet Mondares tells of how he used to be a plastic vendor as a kid, and we’re amazed to see the journey behind this artvocacy. It’s a reminder that whether it’s through art or even the simple act of reusing and recycling, we should be more proactive in reducing our non-biodegradable waste.

Visit Jojet’s exhibit, New Life 2, on display at Cafe by the Ruins Dua, until the end of August.

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