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“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” These are not just lyrics to a Katy Perry song, but also a question that Psychologist Jojet Mondares asks his clients, while at the same time, teaching them about the therapeutic experiences when creating art.

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But Jojet isn’t your average artist with a paint pallette, his medium is quite peculiar. He “paints” with recycled plastic bags.

Since 2008, Jojet has been using plastic bags in creating 2D artworks. Not only does he create plastic bag art for self-fulfillment, but also as an environmental advocacy, as he also shares his techniques to different schools and generally anyone who is willing to learn the craft.

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His process is simple, he explains. First, the plastic bags are cut into the desired shapes. The strips are arranged on a flat surface and covered with a waxed-based sheet of paper, such as wax paper, parchment, or baking paper. Then, a regular iron is used to merge the plastics together to create the finished image.

Another simple technique that he teaches students, specifically children, is to use plastics as the coloring material for coloring books and pages. The plastic is simply pasted or taped onto the coloring page, following the outline of the drawing.

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In his latest exhibit displayed in Albergo Hotel, Jojet created landscapes, showing that any kind of image can be created with this technique. He also merges his psychiatric expertise into his art as he symbolizes different states of mind such as “Courage”, “Introspection”, and “Serenity” as these landscapes.

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Jojet’s work serves as an inspiration for us to keep doing our part in preserving the environment and reducing waste.

Many of the environmental issues we face at this age can be attributed to pollution, specifically by the non-biodegradable garbage that ends up in places where they shouldn’t be. Though efforts are being made by major companies and environmental organizations to help reduce this, we as ordinary citizens also need to do our part in being responsible consumers and disposers of possible pollutants.

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So let’s remind ourselves to reduce, reuse, and recycle. And if you’re the creative type, why not try this technique for yourself and create something out of the plastic bags you don’t use at home?

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