where to baguio old spaghetti house unlimited pasta

September marks The Old Spaghetti House’s 13th anniversary, and as such, they celebrate with us with an Unlimited Pasta special for only P149! Being lovers of pasta (and affordable eat-all-you-can buffets hehe), this was a foodie opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.

There were six pasta variants to choose from – Aglio olio, Alfredo, Arrabbiata, Pesto, Pomodoro, and Vietnamese garlic. Though the pasta dishes could have used a little bit of color on the garnish side, we could distinguish their differences in flavor, and we each had our own favorites from the lot.

And with a little bit of research, we discovered that the pasta sauces have really simple and easy-to-find ingredients, which can be effortlessly recreated at home if you’re in the mood for some pasta.

Arrabbiata and Vietnamese Garlic Pasta

where to baguio old spaghetti house vietnamese and arrabiata

Arrabbiata is usually composed of tomatoes, garlic, and peppers in olive oil. Known for being usually spicy, T.O.S.H.’s version wasn’t spicy at all, which may or may not be good news, depending on your preferences towards chilli. We would have preferred it spicy though. Someone pass the hot sauce!

We tried the Vietnamese Garlic pasta towards the end of our pasta journey, hence the red sauce stains on the plate, but this pasta was originally white in color. It is the only non-Italian based pasta of the lot, and has two very simple ingredients, garlic and butter, which gives it a sweet taste.

Alfredo and Aglio Olio

where to baguio old spaghetti house alfredo and aglio olio

Creamy and cheesy, Alfredo sometimes gets confused for carbonara which is also a white-sauce pasta. But the difference lies in the herbs and spices in the dish. Carbonara is usually more spicy, while Alfredo is more tame, which makes it perfect for adding in some meat or chicken. Sadly, T.O.S.H.’s poster said the Alfredo would have bacon, but we couldn’t taste it in there.

Aglio Olio, pronounced a-yo ol-yo (more or less), is somewhat similar to Vietnamese Garlic pasta, except instead of butter, olive oil is used. We also tasted a hint of seafood in the dish, giving it a little kick of flavor. Again, it would have been nice to have had some of those real seafood bits in the pasta.

Pesto and Pomodoro

where to baguio old spaghetti house pesto and pomodoro

Pesto is one of the greatest pasta gifts Italy has shared to the world. Okay, so we may be slightly partial as pesto lovers, but The Old Spaghetti House Pesto was definitely a winner for us with just the right balance of basil in the sauce. Have we used the word “pesto” enough in this paragraph? No? Pesto. Pesto. Pesto.

Pomodoro literally translates to “tomato” in Italian. So tomatoes, olive oil, and extra fresh ingredients make this pasta a light dish with just the right amount of sourness. It was another favorite for us that we had to go back for seconds.

where to baguio old spaghetti house unlimited pizza

Along with the Pasta-All-You-Can, we chose to avail the option to add P50 for unlimited pizza and P25 for unlimited drinks. The pizza came in thin crust with topping variations like cheese and pepperoni. That, plus just three platefuls of pasta, and we were already super stuffed at the end of the meal!

Are you a pasta lover as well? Maybe you could beat our record of three plates of pasta? Give it a go at The Old Spaghetti House on the weekdays of September from 5-9pm.

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