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The sad truth about people coming in and going out of our lives never felt more true after graduating college. A lot of us fail to realize this because we mostly think about what to do next, which company to apply to, or if it’s too soon for a master’s degree. We get so overwhelmingly excited about slowly turning into adults that we tend to forget about the people who made our university life worthwhile.

We fail to realize the connection we lose, that is until we bump into them. In our case, we bumped into a college friend in Maharlika a couple of weeks ago. For a few minutes, we managed to talk about how different we looked since the last time we saw each other, the jobs we currently do, and a plan to meet up for old time’s sake. And being the coffee lovers that we are, we decided to meet up at a cafe in La Trinidad called “Book Cafe“.

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Located near Benguet State University, Book Cafe offers a space for students and book lovers alike with its cozy yet minimalistic ambiance that makes for a chill afternoon for conversation and studying. They also have a wide array of books to keep you company if you find yourself alone here.

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Once we got ourselves settled, we couldn’t wait to choose our drinks from their extensive menu which offers all sorts of drinks from shakes to milk teas to hot drinks to organic drinks.

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We got lost in our conversation made warmer by the drinks we chose.

Sweet Potato Latte (PHP90 for hot, PHP100 for cold). From all the drinks, this is the one we most recommend. We could really taste the sweet potato. The drink was really creamy and sweetened just right.

White Choco Mocha Latte (PHP85 for hot, PHP95 for cold, PHP115 for frappe). Served in a mason jar, this drink is perfect for those who don’t take their coffee strong.

Cappuccino (PHP75 for hot, PHP90 for cold). This Instagram-worthy drink is perfect for those who start their day late, especially those who like to stick to their familiar cup of cappuccino.

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Choco Nut Cake. According to the barista, this German recipe pastry is purposefully baked dry as a complement to your hot drinks. It’s also quite sweet so tea would make the perfect partner.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s a classic. What more can we say? 🙂

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Book Cafe will always be special to us. Not only is it the first cafe we got to discover in another part of Benguet, it is also where we got to rekindle an old friendship we didn’t know we missed. The experience we had at this cafe was a reminder that people come and go. But some stay. And some reconnect.

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