where to baguio ukay haul rainy day

WTB team is always out and about, pretty sure some of you are, too! But the weather lately has been making it less easy to run errands, especially with the strong rain and wind. One thing that’s always constant, though, is how we always try be stylish.

Here are some cheap finds we recently purchased around Baguio Ukay-Ukay spots!

1. Leather Jacket (PHP360.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 8

First on the list is a leather jacket – the one with flaps, of course! I know for sure we all share the same sentiments when we say a leather jacket like this gives an extra edge to any outfit. Oh and, this was such a steal, too! PHP360.00 for a leather jacket? We had to have it!

2. Long-sleeved Dress (PHP180.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 6

This gem right here came all the way from Disney Land! And it has MICKEY printed across it. Need we say more?

3. Long-sleeved Dress (PHP180.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 7

This one is perfect for the boyish type. We like to pair it with a cap and a pair of white canvass shoes. Trust us, this ensemble gets 11 likes in under a minute on Instagram!

4. Black Parka (PHP230.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 5

We are a big fan of layering and anything oversized, especially during the rainy days. There is something about the wet season that makes us lazy to dress up, and an oversized parka for layering makes every lazy outfit look done.

5. Two-toned Cardigan (PHP120.00) 

wheretobaguio ukay haul 4

If we were still in school, this look is our go-to outfit. We like to pair it with black v-neck t-shirt and black pants to give the college-boy look some edge. The v-neck t-shirt is also perfect for silhouette.

6. Knitted Sweater (PHP90.00)wheretobaguio ukay haul 3

This would’ve looked even better with a long skirt but we wouldn’t want to risk getting soaked and freeze to death. But if you spend most of the time indoors, I guess that wouldn’t matter as much. Either way, a knitted sweater is always comforting.

7. Denim Jacket (PHP80.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 2

This is for those who dig vintage style. Pair it with a white tee, blue jeans and long-cut black Converse and you basically have the perfect James Dean look.

8. Bomber Jacket (PHP120.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 1

Like we said, we are a big fan of anything oversized, even on a bomber jacket. We found this large bomber jacket in cloth and we knew right away we had to have it, especially Athleisure is the bomb.com right now.

9. Oversized Blue Parka (PHP280.00)

wheretobaguio ukay haul 9

We can’t get enough of oversizing! This is perfect for those days when “it’s raining cats and dogs” is an understatement. Sometimes, an umbrella wouldn’t suffice but if you’re wearing enough to keep you dry, running errands around would be less of a hassle.

10. Printed Sweater (PHP80.00)

where to baguio ukay haul rainy day

Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean your clothes have to be, too! We like this printed sweater to give a fun and trendy look for the wet season. Don’t you just love these patterns???

Many more of these Ukay-hauls to come. Right now, we want to see all the ukay gems you found! We are so bad at haggling so if you got cheaper ones, we’d like to see them. Tell us how you haggle, too! Comment them below, loves!

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