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It was a gloomy Friday night last May 27, but  MTV Philippines’ rising star, Isabela Vinzon, didn’t let that rain on her parade as she sang her heart out in her concert at Hardin, The Camp.

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Isabela Vinzon is the daughter of action star Roi Vinzon, and though she may not have inherited her father’s action prowess, her kick-butt vocal range landed her in the spotlight of Viva Records.

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Isabela was accompanied by The Juans, another up-and-coming Pinoy band, and Baguio City was just their first stop for their music-launching tour around the Philippines called “Roadtrip.”

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Isabela and The Juans treated the audience to their renditions of today’s music hits but a concert wouldn’t be a concert without their original songs in the mix.

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Here are our Top 10 favorite covers and performances of the night:

10. Break Free by Ariana Grande
9. Dati-Rati by Sam Conception, Tippy Dos Santos, Quest
8. Chadelier by Sia
7. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down
6. Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
5. Love Never Felt So Good by Justin Timberlake
4. Sana Makita Ka Muli by Sugarfree
3. Ugh by The 1975
2. Atin Ang Mundo, original song by The Juan.
1.Yada Yada, Isabela Vinzon’s first single.

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It’s awesome that Isabela Vinzon and The Juans picked Baguio City as the venue for launching “Roadtrip.” We look forward to seeing more of them as their musical careers take off. Long live original Pinoy music!


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