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Let’s face it, cats are adorable! Sometimes they might seem like they don’t care; they scratch, bite and just hurt us, but they definitely have their own way of showing us their love. We, the WTB team, also have our own furry little friends. That’s why we got super excited when we heard about an exhibit called “Saling Pusa” at Cafe by the Ruins Dua, because who wouldn’t want to see paintings of adorable cats?

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Cats have different moods and that’s what we saw in the exhibit. Every piece has its own story. Some pieces showed the cat’s mysterious side, like how they just stare at you, and you can only guess what they are thinking about, and some paintings exhibited the cat’s playfulness and mischief.

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We purr-sonally fell in (pronounced “feline”) love with some paintings simply because they remind us of our own cats. Talk about art reflecting life. For example, there was a realistic painting of a white cat which looks like one of our own named Ellie; sooo cute! We couldn’t help but wish we brought our cats along to the exhibit. That would have made quite a show.

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But one striking illustration is that of a death scene with a cat that is helplessly watching; it contrasts the mood of the paintings around it. It’s one of the most meowmorable pieces.

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Some pieces were whimsical and illustrated doodle-style. Others were painted on interesting canvases such as the sungka, and other pieces were created with mixed media. The variety of art styles purrfectly reflects how many different kinds of cats there are in the world!

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It looks like cats are out and ready to conquer the world. They are everywhere – books, magazines, internet, and now the art world. We wish there would be more exhibits about cats just like “Saling Pusa”, that would be just awesome… or should we say paw-some? OK, that’s enough cat-related puns for today.


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