where to baguio sessions cafe

Adorned with bright wall paintings, pastel furniture, fruit-shaped seating, and multicolored post-its, Sessions Cafe is a cafe that looks visually sweet, and with that, you just know that you’re in for a treat.

where to baguio sessions cafe seats

Known for its sweet treats and affordable prices, Sessions Cafe has become a favorite hangout for students from nearby schools.

where to baguio sessions cafe drinks

Sessions Cafe offers variety of refreshers to keep you cool during the hot times of the day.

where to baguio sessions cafe mega shakes

But if a glass of pink lemonade isn’t enough for you, then go all the way with their GIANT SHAKES (teacup for comparison). Around the 200 peso-range, these come in caramel, chocolate, and ube flavor, topped with ice cream, biscuits, and stick-Os, and drizzed with matching syrup. The shakes are good for sharing or you could keep one all to yourself! Someone say brain freeeeze!

where to baguio sessions cafe ice cream

For a healthier option, we highly recommend their Fruit Yoghurt Salad. It may look like a sinful dessert, but if you’re on a diet, this isn’t really considered cheating as it’s made with fresh fruits, nuts, oats, and creamy, creamy yoghurt.

where to baguio sessions cafe embutido and matcha egg pie

They also have all-day breakfast meals such as Embutido with fried eggplant, garnished with fresh cucumber and tomato. The embutido is their own special recipe, and we’ll admit that though we aren’t fond of embutido, Sessions Cafe’s embutido is an exception that we actually enjoyed.

Hold on to your seats, matcha-lovers, because our overall winner from the cafe has to be the Matcha Egg Pie. Who doesn’t love a classic egg pie from the local bakery around the corner? But this version of pie is generously flavored with matcha green tea, topped with whipped cream, and spinkled with even more matcha. Yaaaaas!

where to baguio sessions cafe art

As you may have guessed from its name, Sessions Cafe is located in Session Road, just beside Prime Hotel. Give yourself a sweet treat and visit them when you can!



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