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Last June, various women came together at Albergo Hotel for an exhibit called “She Came to Stay”. This group of women have one purpose in mind, and that is to continue the movement of female individuality and aesthetic throughout our creative city with pieces about womanhood, motherhood, or simply expression.

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The participating artists were Joyce Mallare, Freya Jadormio, China Valdez, Sheela Ming, Keziah Dacaimat, Janelle Willer, Maya Racuya, Cailin Mercado, Donnalee Denis, Danaë Gallardo, and Venus Obinque. To get to know more about this exhibit, we asked Joyce Mallare, one of the organizers, to provide us some more insights.

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1. What is the story behind the title, “She Came To Stay”?

The title of the exhibit “She Came To Stay” is from a novel with same name from Simone de Beavoir, which explores the many existentialist concepts of freedom, angst and “others”; (a philosophical concept which is a constituent part of self-consciousness.)

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2. How did you come up with the idea of gathering women together for this exhibit?

This exhibit was long overdue. It was planned three years ago since the group’s first exhibit happened. The group’s intention is to have female members who don’t have a platform to show their works. We also don’t want to let people know how the group was formed because we want it to be anonymous since it’s open to anyone. Artworks have varied from paintings, photography, mixed media and even crafts.

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3. What is the message that you would want to convey to the viewers of the artwork?

The message we want to convey with our artworks celebrate the dreams, aspirations, failures, success, and experiences of every women and mothers out there, not just on Mother’s Day or on Women’s Day but everyday.

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4. What are the challenges of holding an exhibit with so many artists involved?

The challenges involved in holding a group show for many artists include conflicting schedules, and funds. Because of work, school and other prior commitments. A few of them didn’t make it on the opening reception while others were able to submit their works but they’re not able to attend as well . These artists are independent and most of them have joined art exhibits a few times (once or twice.)

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5. Do you have any future exhibits planned?

We do have planned exhibits in the future maybe this year. We’ll keep you posted.

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Come and visit their empowering exhibit at the Albergo Hotel Atrium, on display until August.


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