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At Mt Cloud, if every third Monday of the month is for poetry lovers, they also have a day dedicated to kids! On months with five Saturdays, Mt Cloud, in cooperation with Adarna House, holds a special event called Fifth Saturday Stories. We at Where To Baguio believe that we’re kids at heart, so we definitely had to check it out and bring back those nostalgic memories of when our parents used to tell us stories, too.

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At Fifth Saturday Stories, a representative especially chosen by Adarna House, picks two or three children’s books to storytell to kids. Actually, one of our friends is a storyteller for Adarna House, and she told us that she had to go through a whole audition process to become a storyteller.

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In this episode, we listened to the telling of a book about personal hygiene and another dedicated to kids with OFW parents. Now, we’re not gonna tell you the stories; you’re gonna have to buy the books yourself to enjoy the tale in full 😉. But what we’re gonna tell you about how it was a lot more fun to watch the children enjoying the story.

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The children were really enthusiastic. Even we and the moms who were present laughed along as the kids reacted to the story’s humor and intrigue and answered all the teacher’s questions excitedly.

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They were also very participative with the hands-on activities prepared for them to make sure that they understood the story’s plot and moral. And despite the differences the children shared in terms of personality and age, every one of them got a chance to sparkle.

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Mt Cloud Bookstore is not just a haven for poets, bookworms, and lovers of Philippine literature. It is also a great place for children, especially with Fifth Saturday Stories! And let’s not forget their section filled with this children’s books written and illustrated by Filipinos.

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So watch out for those months with Saturdays and take your child, grandchild, little sibling and even inaanak to Fifth Saturday Stories, and buy a book too. Yay for fun learning!


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