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We had a blast at this year’s Summer Siren Music Festival at Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales. We clapped, danced, and sang our hearts out to the music without any care in the world. It was even hard to leave our spot in the sand because we didn’t want to miss any second of the music. We loved every performance, but we couldn’t help but mull over our favorites. Here are our top picks that we lost our hearts and our minds to:

10. Cheats – “Accidents”

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Saab Magalona was so hot when she took the stage. Need we say more?

9. Joey Santos

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Joey Santos gave a performance of a lifetime as he played for the last time on the Summer Siren stage. His EDM mix was retro and throwback, and as he called it, “baduy na.” But we didn’t care, we could all relate and sing to every beat he dropped.

8. Ace Ramos

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Ace Ramos transitioned the music festival from rock and OPM to EDM with his set. The crowd went wild, fist-pumping, as inflatables were flung in the air. He’s no stranger to us because this award-winning DJ also played last month in Baguio for Elevate.

7. The Zombettes

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Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith made the perfect tag-team as they moved in sync while mixing their EDM tunes. This gorgeous duo not only mesmerized the audience with their cat-walk-worthy figures but also with their out-of-this-world mix.

6. Moonstar 88 – “Torete” and “Migraine”

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This queen of hugot got the crowd emotionally hooked with her lyrics that hit too close to home. Who wouldn’t want to join her in singing, “Torete, torete, torete akooooo” while raising their cup of booze?

5. B.P. Valenzuela – “Pretty Car” and “Like Letter”

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B.P. Valenzuela officially started Summer Siren’s musical lineup with her song “Pretty Car.” Everyone was actually minding their own business when she began playing, but when her indietronic tunes and angelic voice started echoing through the beach air, we were drawn to her like waves drawn to the moon.

4. The Ransom Collective – “Run”

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It was our first time to hear The Ransom Collective and their songs even though they’ve been playing in Summer Siren for the past three years. But we absolutely fell in love at the first song as their indie vibes shook our souls. We couldn’t stop dancing and clapping to their tunes. If life was an indie film, they’d definitely be in the playlist.

3. Hale – “The Day You Said Good Night”

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Champ was the heartthrob of the night. Some were drooling at some point, and there wasn’t a second where girls weren’t screaming. Hale totally rocked the stage even if they were just in their flipflops.

2. Quest – “Saludo”

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Quest not only sang about love, but also empowerment. His songs were truly inspirational. At one moment, he asked that all lights be turned off, and for the audience to raise their phones as he sang “Saludo” dedicated to the Kidapawan victims.

2i. Ebe Dancel – “Wag Ka Nang Umiyak” and “Moonriver”

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Okay, we couldn’t decide on just one artist for this second spot, because Ebe Dancel owned the stage and gave his best performance even though he was struggling with his throat. He actually requested the crowd to just sit and watch him perform. With that, we could feel every emotion from this “hugot king.”

1. Bea Valera ft. Kidpriest – “Free”

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It is only fitting that we end the list with our Top 1 spot with the singer of Summer Siren’s Anthem, “Free.” With hands in the air, the audience joined Bea in singing. It was truly in that moment that the festival felt complete.


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