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“Temperance” was a three-man exhibit held at the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space last January. The participating artists were Carlo Villafuerte, Rei Chan, and Paulo Sunggay. Each brought their own unique art style to the table, coming together for an amazing and cohesive art show.

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Carlo Villafuerte specializes in textile art. Using different types of fabric bought from ukay-ukays, he meticulously cuts out the cloths into shapes and combines them into a breathtaking tapestry that tells stories.

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We absolutely loved his piece, “The Animal That Chased After Rainbows”, depicting a man with holes in his hands, behind a seemingly gloomy background. This goes to show how Carlo truly is a Baguio pioneer with this craft.

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Paulo Sunggay’s prints are dramatic in shades of white, black, and red. Combining patterns, symbols, and different visual elements, these works would look perfect hung on any wall.

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Paulo is a self-taught artist who grew up in an artistic environment surrounded by creatives. We like his saying, “what you’ll turn out to be still depends on something within you, something you cannot deny or disregard.”

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Rei Chan is also meticulous with his works made of strips of tiger grass. He forms images of themes such as religion and deities.

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We also had huge appreciation for his woke art, a triptych, consisting of pieces entitled “Profile Picture”, “Status Update”, and “Cover Photo”, presenting emotions about the current political climate.

The year is just beginning and we can’t wait for the next upcoming exhibits!

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