The Happy Place That You Are

When I first set foot, my initial thought was that it was an island of poor economic population, with garbage on the streets, and a lot of disorganization that you can notice on the spot. But the neighboring islands were so beautiful, that people did not mind coming to Coron island, just to experience the so-called “beauty” that it holds. But again, I thought, “What’s so beautiful here?

I spent a good 4 days of daily island hopping and swimming. During the long and boring boat rides and in between the “ohs”, and the “wows”, I would wonder about a lot of stuff. The mountains looked so much the same in each direction we looked at anyways, so I spent a few good minutes everyday pondering about the other activities that we would do over the next couple of hours, and the mails that I would need to check when we get back to the lodge. However, what was so awe-full in this place is that the fish are swimming right in front of your face — not a few meters below your feet, but right on surface level! I mean hello? The place was practically screaming at me right now but my mind was stuck elsewhere.

What a pointless vacation it would have been had I continued down that path.

It was then that it struck me — again — that life is full of commitments that we spend so much of our energy trying to deliver to those commitments, the best way we can. It is understandable that we spend time and effort in fulfilling our duties as mothers, but the energy that we spend into something is totally a different topic. Oftentimes we don’t realize that the energy that we spend on our ourselves end up being taken from our “reserve” because we have already devoted so much for the “more important commitments”, such as our work, or taking care of our kids, or doing the home chores.

When I started my mindfulness journey a few years ago, I learned to introspect at the most crucial times: What are your thoughts when you eat? What are your thoughts when you wake up first thing in the morning? What are your thoughts when you poop? Basically, what are your thoughts during the so-called silent moments or happy hours?

During my last few months with my previous office job, I did not notice that I ended up eating 2-3 cups of rice over heated discussions about how my work s*cked. I was mindless of what I was eating because I was engrossed in my feelings of anxiety and frustration. I chew big chunks and ate so quickly. When I awoke in the morning, I’ve already foreseen the order of my tasks in an hourly basis. I haven’t even gotten out of the bed, but I was already feeling exhausted! What was supposedly still my time for rest, I’ve already spent “working” in my head.

Coron. That dirty and noisy place where foreigners love to go and dive at, has made me “re-realize”: WE are a happy place. We are sometimes dirty, noisy, and disorganized, but it doesn’t reflect the totality that we are as a person. We are our own vessel of beauty and happiness, and the people around us share the energy that we choose to “keep”, just as that island has slowly revealed its own beautiful corals and fish. It is in these times of being put in discomfort that life provides what we truly need the most, and oftentimes we miss the message first-hand because our ever reactive minds have already processed the situation for us.

So, go take that LONG AND BORING BOAT RIDE NOW. Go to your happy place. Refill your cup, and reset your thought patterns now.

Written By: Anonymous
Micro-entreprise owner and Work-at-home mom of one 3-year old


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