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Oh, Baguio – loved by many for its cold climate and sweater weather. The “Brrr” months are no joke in this city, and the temperature is at its coldest in January and February. But as much as the coolness is enough to give us goosebumps all year round, there is one way to accentuate the chill. And no, we’re not just talking about wearing shorts… we’re talking about a mouthful of one of everyone’s favorite snack — ICE CREAM! Even better, ice cream that’s freshly made in Baguio. And with that, we would like to introduce Nora’s Craft Ice Cream!

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A Baguio Original

Nora’s Craft Ice Cream started out as a passion project by Nicole Dipasupil-Bautista in 2003. The brand was inspired and named after Nicole’s late grandmother. This frozen dessert is made with love, cooked and churned the old-fashioned way, using fresh milk from Baguio’s own dairy farm and other local and imported ingredients. There are twelve different flavors to choose from, and we had quite the treat discovering which ones are our favorite.

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Three Flavors of Baguio

Their selection features three exciting flavors from Baguio. Two of which come from the ever-famous Good Shepherd in Gibraltar. The Good Shepherd Ube is not like the run-of-the-mill ube ice cream. This pastel purple dessert has an interesting texture similar to Ube Jam itself. It would even sometimes stick to the roof of our mouths, just like the real thing!

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The Good Shepherd Alfajor Caramel Cookies contains cookie bits and a little bit of nuts. Think rocky road, but white and creamy.

Being coffee lovers, the aromatic Benguet Coffee flavored ice cream is something we wish we could have for breakfast.

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Double Dessert

Nora’s also has other flavors that made us go, “who knew this could be turned into ice cream?” Popular desserts turned into ice cream flavors, what could be more splendid?

One of our favorite is the Sticky Bun flavor, which is basically a cinnamon roll and literally has chewy bits of it. The cinnamon spice works really well with the cream.

Cheesecake fans will adore the Blueberry Cheesecake. Blueberry preserves are swirled around it, and underneath is a graham base, all brought together with the tangy taste of cream cheese.

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For a bit of crunch and crisp, the Fluff n’ Crunch is a take on the rice crispies treat. Its exciting texture is complemented by its honey and vanilla accents.

Cookies n’ cream can move aside for the Cookie Dough ice cream. Its milky base is loaded with chocolate chips and real balls of cookie dough which are enjoyably chewy.

One of our favorites is the Mango Float, which is very reminiscent of the actual dessert. the mango taste is strong and it is swirled with crushed grahams, just like the real thing.

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Classics with a Twist

Nora’s Craft Ice Cream also puts a twist with classic flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. Oatmeal Fudge is a somewhat healthy variation of the usual chocolate.  With chunks of oatmeal inside, it is similar to champorado.

Vanilla Bean goes the extra mile with organic vanilla and what seems to be sprinkles of the spice.

Finally, another of our favorites from the bunch is the Chocolate Campfire Marshmallow which is an ice cream version of smores. It has a smoky taste and pieces of marshmallow in almost every mouthful.

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It’s super refreshing to have out-of-the-box spins on a favorite dessert. Nora’s Ice Cream makes those hot afternoons or even chilly nights a little bit sweeter. Like we always say, there’s always room for dessert, especially if that dessert spoonfuls of fun in cup and pint size. These artisan treats range from 90 to 100 pesos a cup and 300 to 310 pesos a pint.

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Visit Nora’s Craft Ice Cream page on Facebook for more details and inquiries. But you can also buy their ice cream over the counter at Café Adriana by Hill Station, Bistro by Hill Station, Moe’s Outrageous Eats, Starwood Hotel, Ritz Hotel Legarda, and Melt Bistro.

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